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Cleaning Services

Cleaning different surfaces presents many problems, which is why having a range of cleaning methods at your disposal is essential. Steam cleaning is regarded as a safe and highly effective way to clean walls, and take care of tough tasks such as removing chewing gum or graffiti.

At Pembroke and Bull, we offer doff steam cleaning solutions which provide fantastic value for money, caring for buildings and your surroundings quickly and effectively.

What is Doff cleaning?

The Doff system is for the gentle and effective removal of flexible paints, graffiti, algae, moss and more. The Doff System is unique in achieving a 150-degree temperature at the nozzle end – making it a ‘water system’ that’s superheated. Designed and developed to effectively remove paint, moss, algae, fungi and other biological matter and will also kill off spores without causing harm or shock to the substrate.


How does it work?

Whilst the DOFF system may appear similar to standard pressure washing systems, the actual cleaning process is very different. A much lower volume of water (5l per minute) and pressure is used to achieve amazing results, the superheated water vapour removes stubborn matter and kills off damaging moss and fungi spores, there is no need to use a further chemical biocide solution What can you Doff.

Doff system will clean stone with fewer risks?

One of the key reasons doff cleaning methods are so effective is because up to five liters of heated water comes through the nozzle end, specially designed to impact without damage, deep saturation or thermal shock. Thermal shock, when the temperature changes considerably, can be damaging to buildings, but the doff system protects against this better than some other cleaning methods.

Our cleaning equipment cares for buildings
Doff machines offer a quick solution that is non-obtrusive and less likely to damage brick and other surfaces than other methods. If you are looking for peace of mind regarding doff cleaning, please note this low pressure doff steam cleaning method is trusted and recommended by English Heritage, Historic England, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the National Trust.

Doff system revitalizes faded brick color?

As well as cleaning, a doff machine can revitalize the appearance of brick and concrete. These surfaces are exposed to the elements, and naturally lose some of their luster. Therefore, if you are undertaking concrete renovations, hire Wash Your Walls, and our doff machine will ensure your buildings look fantastic again.

What does doff cleaning remove?

Doff steam cleaning is a highly effective way of removing modern paint, bitumen, fungi, algae and moss from walls. This creates a clean and attractive finish on masonry, brick and other surfaces. In addition to doff cleaning being a quick process, the heated water from the nozzle end dries quickly. This minimizes the risk of moisture being trapped and building, making this a cleaning solution which protects against algae growth and organic matter.

We recommend the DOFF for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiles, timber, faience, terracotta and many more……The DOFF can also be used as a sterilization tool for toilets, kitchens, swimming pools, hospitals etc….as there is no harmful residue. The doff system is also the only machine that has been approved by English heritage to clean its buildings and is very popular with the national trust. After being used outdoors, the debris created needs to be separated from the water and disposed of in accordance to local regulations.


Professional Doff Cleaning Services – Advantages:

  • The ability to remove nearly all stains and discolouration.

  • Doff Stone cleaning aids in getting rid of biological matter.

  • Removal of some types of graffiti and paint.

  • Remove bitumen and wax coatings.

  • Allows cleaning of the roof and fouling of birds.

  • Doff cleaning is very kind to the surface or wall that is being cleaned.

  • Doff cleaning is a solution recommended by many architects.

  • The doff cleaning system is environmentally friendly.

  • Doff cleaning is a safe way to clean stone without causing harm.

  • Results are visible on the same day.

  • There is no need to use a chemical.

  • Doff cleaning isn’t messy, it uses just a very low volume of water for its cleaning.

Why Pembroke & Bull?


  • Fully compliant – Insured/ licensed/ accredited

  • Fully trained professional operatives

  • Proven methods of removal

  • Variety of chemicals available depending on building fabric

  • Mobile operatives are available 24/ 7

  • All works will be photographed before and after

  • Specialist brickwork and stone cleaning equipment

  • DOFF approved contractor

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